Man Kit Leung
Chief Executive Director
RIBA, ARB (United Kingdom)
B.Arch & B.Sc

Man Kit Leung has been involved with many different projects for reputable established developers. Successfully completed projects have helped to achieve a sense of place at the same time improve living environments. Man Kit firmly believes that “The spirit of design is in every built form.” He requires all company design works to be carried out with fresh ideas while pursuing a sustainable development to stand the test of time.

Edoardo Cesaro
Design Director
MDA - PhD in Architectural and Urban Design
Registered Architect (Italy)

“The heritage of the country I come from, Italy, has always inspired in me a sense of beauty and enchantment. Feeling the balance and accepting the impermanence is what I have learned during my stay in Asia. I think these, just apparently opposite factors are the key elements that shape my design vision.”

Renzo Chow
Project Director
M.A. in Project Management (Australia)

“Looking back over the past century, it is inarguable that design changes our world. LMK Architects reiterates our philosophy in creating quality design every day. It is not only I that pursues this, but it is the vision of our team.”